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Blue Skies

Good News Outreach (GNO) was birthed in 1986 by four men who were studying the “Beatitudes” or “Sermon on the Mount” as part of their spiritual practice.  The four decided to put their “Faith in Action” by starting a Soup Kitchen in the Frenchtown section of Tallahassee. While GNO’s specific programs have changed over the years, the focus on helping those in need in a spirit of love, humility, and compassion has remained our constant goal.


Good News Outreach strives to remain faithful to its roots in the basic principle of “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. This faith-based orientation, requires us to recognize the dignity of every client and to treat them with compassion, empathy and respect. This orientation also guides our volunteers and employees as they use their time, talents and treasure in the service of the hungry, homeless and isolated who live in Tallahassee and the Big Bend region.

Good News Outreach is not affiliated with any church or religious organization, but does work in concert with many of them and their members, who want to serve seniors, families, individuals with disabilities and the homeless. Faith-based expression is welcomed but optional.

Through collaborations with church, civic, and community groups, GNO provides food, clothing and assistance to low-income residents. We work to reduce recidivism, hunger, homelessness, and isolation by providing food, shelter, and social interaction through uplifting programs and counseling efforts.

Good News Outreach is dedicated to relieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual isolation of people regardless of their personal religious beliefs and practices, race, gender, age, disability or political affiliations.

Likewise, volunteers and employees should be motivated by the desire to serve. No written or oral statements or other evidence demonstrating their religious beliefs and practices is required to participate in Good News Outreach ministries and activities.

We are committed to working together towards creating a safe, supportive and caring volunteer experience where we can learn from each other and grow in service to our communities.

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