Mission Oaks Apartments

 Whatever you did for these least brothers of mine, you did for me. . .



Begun in late 2001, the Mission Oaks Apartment complex is home to twenty three men who otherwise might be part of Tallahassee’s homeless population. Residents  of Mission Oaks are referred to Good News Outreach from a variety of local agencies, as well as through self-inquiry and word-of-mouth. Each resident must have income from an outside source, often from disability compensation, Social Security, or employment.    Frequently, prospective residents are referred by the Veteran’s Administration, the Center for Independent Living, or agencies serving the homeless. Mission Oaks offers a supervised, lightly-structured living arrangement with reasonable regulations based on Christian consideration for other residents, and responsibility for community welfare and personal wellness.  The physical environment at Mission Oaks is similar to a boarding house; each unit has three private bedrooms and a common kitchen and living room. These accommodations allow for both a sense of community and an opportunity for privacy.  A central laundry area and a common area for visitor reception  is provided.


The goal of the Mission Oaks program is to help participants become prepared for independent living in a permanent setting, while improving the skills needed to earn a living wage and achieve the highest level of independence possible. Toward this goal, career counseling, transportation, and various essential health services are offered in coordination with other social service providers. Mission Oaks Apartments can be a gateway to living successfully in an unsupervised residential setting. 






Put Your Faith into Action. . .

Financial support is critical. Tax deductible donations can be made on the “How to Donate” page of our website or mailed to: Good News Outreach, PO Box 3304, Tallahassee, FL  32315-3304.

The willing hands of volunteers are also needed if you feel called to help low-income adult males emerging from homelessness. Volunteers from religious and civic groups are also welcome. Contact us at 850-412-0016 or send an e-mail to info@goodnewsoutreach.orgto learn more about volunteer opportunities at Mission Oaks.